Version 1

    Smoke Testing JBoss Tools support for Application Servers


    1) Open recent JBoss Tools
    2) open servers view (window -> show view -> other -> Servers)
    3) create new server
         - type: JBoss Community -> JBoss AS 6.0
         - use default configuration
          - finish wizard

    4) double-click server in servers view to open the server editor
    5) in editor, verify all server ports are accurate (JNDI / Web / JMX RMI) (right side of editor)

    6) click "open launch configuration" in the editor, verify launch configuration arguments and vm args match with what is expected

             a) *** If there are any new arguments that have changed since the previous AS version, MAKE SURE the launch configuration HAS them!
    7) In servers view, expand hte server and look at XML Configuration/Ports, verify all labels have a number next to them

    8) Start server, verify when server is up and running, the servers view says "Started" and not "Starting"
    9) Create a project (seam or dynamic web is fine, seam project is better)
    10) Deploy it to the server, Verify the deployment works
    11) remove deployment, verify console shows deployment removed
    12) Open MBean Viewer,

         a) note that the server can now be expanded,

         b) under it are mbeans. browse down to jboss.deployment -> URL ->DeploymentScanner,

         c) double-click DeploymentScanner, go to "Operations" page, click "stop" in viewer, click "stop" button on the right,

         d) verify operation completes successfully
    13) in eclipse, deploy seam application again, verify console shows NO OUTPUT, deployment does NOT deploy
    14) use mbean viewer / editor to execute start() operation on DeploymentScaner
    15) verify console now accepts deployment
    16) stop server, verify server shuts down properly without error.