Version 5

    This page contains a list of topics/issues that require discussion.  Might be best to discuss each issue in a separate thread (i.e. not here, but in e.g. email?) so as not to confuse issues together?  As we discuss issues, we can decide what tasks need doing and what JIRAs need creating, if any.




    1. Dart: Will we really need the "Process Tab" in the Smooks Editor?


    A Simple Example


    Let's look a example  :

    The example shows how to transform XML to XML via XSL Template and deliver it with File Router.


    1.Add a XML input in "Input Page" , then switch to the "Graph" page we will see a Input Data Model figure here.

    myImage (3).png


    2. Drag a Java Bean from Palette into the graphical panel , we can create a Java Bean model via wizard.


    (I don't draw the picture for those wizard pages , there is a flash demo to show that :



    myImage (4).png


    3. Connect the Input Data Model to the Java Bean Model. Select at the Java Bean model figure , its properties GUI will be shown in the Property View. User can modify them.


    myImage (5).png

    4. Now let's drag the "XSL" from the Palette into the graphical panel. It will show a wizard page to lead us choose the XML/XSD file and load the contents of the selected file to fill the Template contents:

    myImage (6).png


    5. When we finish the 4# step , we will get a new XSL Template Model in graphical panel. Let's select on it , the property view will display the XSL template contents there. User can edit the template contents in property view directly or connect the nodes of Java Bean Model to XSL template.



    6. Darg a File Router from the Palette into graphical viewer. Select at the File Router and edit its properties' value in Property View. Connect the XSL Template Model to the File Router:




    OK , we can see only use the graphical panel and "drag/drop" Smooks elements can handle the transform work well, so I think we don't need the Process.


    Graphical Figure Filters


    We put all figures in the graphical panel , if the amout of the figures is very large , the graphical panel will be hard to view. So we can put some "Filters" in the graphical panel to hide some kinds of figures:



    OK , now we can see there are some Filters in the graphical panel to hide/show the related figures.


    Look at the types of the Filters , are they similar with the types of "Process Node" ?


    In my mind , the "Process" just is a "navigator" to lead user edit the transform tasks , so I don't think it can be a real stuff appear in the Smooks editor and edit it , but we can use the "Process" concept in other way , the Filter is a good example.