Version 4

    JBoss Labs Statistics Server Installation


    Currently stats server consists of our custom Kosmos build.


    Requirements: JDK 1.5 and Maven 1.0 (so, remember "maven" instead of "mvn")



    • Check out the source code:


    svn co


    You may also want to check out qa/prod branch instead of trunk.

    • Read before you install:

    maven help

    • Create and fill out configuration files: kosmos/


    Samples are provided. You do not have to edit any application xml files. Necessary configuration is performed automatically using values from .properties files.

    • Install AS together with Portal.

    maven install

    • You may want to make sure it works fine before deployig stats server

    sh jboss/bin/

    • Build and deploy stats server

    maven all


    Stats main page should ba available at localhost:8080.


    Note: you may want to adjust JBoss AS memory settings (jboss/bin/run.conf), eg. JAVA_OPTS="-server -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=1024m