Version 5

    Issue 003


    Entourage claims mail send failed


    When sending a mail authentication and all of that jazz succeeds, the headers are sent and it LOOKS like E is sending but then it claims it failed...then it logs out.  It looks like its complaining about the logout, but I tested in the debugger that and it turned out that it complained BEFORE the logout was called.




    Working on it -[ACO|DOC-9023]





    Blasted thing!  Entourage is blowing up after it gets "250 Message Received" from CmdDATA.  JAMES tells it the same thing and its happy...  Is this something to do with carriage returns or something???  WEIRD. 


    Okay, even weirder, Mozilla is completely happy.  I think this has something to do with the TLS stuff. 




    No it doesn't have to do with TLS.  I disabled it completely; however, Entourage still whines.  i've no idea what its problem is ATM.  Mozilla and firebird are both happy.


    FIXED:  Turns out that sometimes we printed things out of order (an issue with the printwriter among other things).  Weird the way Entourage/etc worked/didn't work and everything else was totally okay..