Version 1







    -migrate EJB3


         a), remove the mappedName annotation

         b), remote interfance class name can not be same as local interface class name

      -persistence unit

         a), the same persistent name can't put into 2 or more jar files, despite the the 2 persistent config having the exact same config data.



    -migrate EJB2

      -stateful session bean removal

        a)can't remove SFSB insize a transaction, (ejbObject.remove() or localEjbObject.remove() can't be called insize a transaction)

      -sequence of ejb2 deployment descriptor



    -migrate web service

      -ejb3 annotation endpoint to web application endpoint

        a)add web.xml and jboss-web.xml

        b)remove the annotation SecurityDomain, ContextRoot, webURI of the EJB3 class


    -migrate jboss cache

       -use old jboss-cahce.jar and jboss-jgroups.jar


    -migrate jboss messaging

       -database schema change

        a)add two tables


    -issues & solution

      -how to retrieve the metadata in nest jar by vfs interface

       -How to ignore the none exist deployment unit

       -java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation for class javax.sql.DataSource

      - SFSB removal in jboss 5.1

       -JSP compile error

       -classLoader.getResource() not work

       -how to get the jboss version