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    apolgies if this is the wrong forum for this query - if you steer me to a more apropriate place then that's fine.


    starting a jboss7 instance is easy enough - cd bin; ./ and away you go.


    Stopping the instance is somewhat less obvious though - googling elicited this - bin/ --connect command=:shutdown


    However, I then had to make alterations to  JBOSS_HOME/configuration/standalone.xml so the instance can be accessed outside the local system - and that "breaks" the stopping command above with a compliant



    Communication error: Could not connect to remote://localhost:9999 in 5000ms. Make sure the server is running and/or consider setting a longer timeout by setting<timeout in ms>.

    Closed connection to localhost:9999


    presumably this is because of the chnages made in standalone.xml - so what else must I change to allow this shutdown command to now work as a result?