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    As mentioned above, Subversion is our source code repository and revision control system.  Forge projects have the option to use the Forge's integrated Subversion repository for their source code revision control system.  This repository is publicly accessible for, at a minimum, read-only access, and for project administrators and committers there is read-write access.  While the Forge encourages open communication and contributions, it is essential to control access to Professional Open Source project source code in order to guarantee that malicious or proprietary code is not added to a projects product(s).


    In order to implement authorization and authentication, we again use WebDAV and directory level controls to limit or grant access to certain locations in the source code/content repository.  Each project will have its own section in the Forge's repository to use for collaboration.  The full spectrum of revision control is offered via Subversion and the primary access method is via HTTP.


    Every piece of content in the Forge is in the Subversion repository with the exception of the wiki, which is currently a separate application.  Future versions of the Forge will attempt to place the wiki in the repository as well to eliminate heterogeneous content management methods.


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