Version 3

    Subversion content manager


    This content manager reads and writes content to a Subversion repository. No special format is used, so you can use any existing repository. The content manager uses a local working copy to read data from (this way, data reading is very fast). Maintaining the working copy in a "clear" state and resolving of conflicts is obtained by writing data straight to the repository - so it is slower, but reliable.


    Content manager properties (per repository)

    All properties should be prepended with shotoku.<repository-id>.


    • url - address of the subversion repository.

    • username - username to access the repository. The username should have write access, unless you want to use shotoku for read-only access.

    • password - password of the given user.

    • localpath - a path on your local filesystem where a working copy can be created.

    • fullupdate - number of update cycles, after which an update of the whole working copy is done. This should be set to 1, unless the update hook-script is installed in your repository and you are using the UpdaterServlet

    • externals - should externals be checked out & updated. Note that externals are only supported for reading.


    Global SVN content manager service properties

    • shotoku.internal.svn.service.interval - number of milliseconds between two update cycles (that is, between one update of the WC and another)

    • shotoku.internal.svn.service.firstupdate - should a "first update" be done on initializing Shotoku. Switching it off causes a faster startup of your application server/ application, but if the WC is not yet checked out, your application may be working incorrectly until the first update cycle of the service compeletes.