Version 9

    TCK cruisecontrol setup


    Detailed instructions on setting up the TCK can be found in this wiki TCK5Guide or TCK14Guide

    Logon to dev17 and sudo as continuum user


    TCK files can be found under work/tck


    j2eetck-mods project under work/tck has to be updated manually since this is in private CVS and continuum user doesnt have access to it.

    • Check out j2eetck-mods under your home directory from private CVS.

    • Change the following properties under j2eetck-mods/bin/ts-jboss.jte


      • work.dir=JTwork

      • report.dir=JTreport



    • Copy the customized j2eetck-mods to /tmp

    • Sudo as continuum user and copy j2eetck-mods from /tmp to work/tck

    • cd j2eetck-mods; Run "ant clean" and then "ant"



    JBoss-5.0.x used for tck is built as jboss-head project and a copy of the build output is preserved under work/tck

    • jboss-head project deletes the preserved build output and makes a fresh copy only when the jboss-head build is successful.



    Scripts used for the builds:


    • Found under work/scripts

    • build-jboss.xml - Builds the jboss-head project

    • run-cts.xml - Build scripts for all tck test modules


    • important targets:


      • tests - Mostly used target. Starts up JBoss and runs cts tests

      • tests.rmiiiop - Starts up rmiiiop server, starts up jboss and runs cts tests

        • javaeetck/bin tsant start.rmiiiop.server . Since there is no stop.rmiiiop.server to shut down the rmiiiop server this is not part of the above target, as said  before, the target is run once manually and the server is left running like javadb

      • tests.jacc - Enables jacc specific propertues, starts up jboss and runs cts tests

      • tests.interop - Starts up Glassfish, starts up JBoss and runs the interop tests

      • tests.csiv2 - Enables csiv2 (this starts up Glassfish as well), starts jboss and runs the cts tests




    • javadb, once configured is always running on the CC box. This is not started and stopped for each run.

    • If there is any major change that goes into JBossAS trunk, that would affect all the builds, stop CC, run jboss-head project and force the cts runs again.

      • (An entire run of CTS takes 40 hrs)

    • The ejb20 tests crash when run with jrockit. So it has to be run once with Sun 1.5 jdk every 2 days. To do this CC has to restarted using Sun JDK and ejb20 build forced.

      • (Jacc may require the same)