Version 8

    What pages should I tag?

    Tag Content that is of interest to any of our products, be it on our website or somewhere else on the web.

    What Attributes should I assign?

    Normally, these Tags are the most important:

    • Product the page applies to (if not in the drop down list yet, use the "Free Tag" box, enter "Product" as Attribute)

    • Format of the content (FAQ, Article...)

    • Keywords people are likely to filter searches or aggregate Content by

    • a five star rating if it's a must read on some keyword or product

    Good Housekeeping!

    Please make sure the Tags that might be used for Aggregation are properly maintained, i.e. click on the Value, and enter some description if applicable and hit "save". For details, see ExtendingTheOntology.



    Trail one finished!

    So now you now all you need to know to start tagging content. You can go:


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