Version 15

    The Teiid Designer project provides a number of document formats for learning how to fully utilize all of it's VDB and data modeling features.  This document server as a starting point for finding the help you are looking for.



    How To....





    Example Model Projects

    You can download and import these example model project set zip files which represent fully modelled metadata for various simplified use-cases.


    Federate a remote URL file source and a remove XML file source.

    1) Download and import:

      • The project contains a EMPLOYEE_DATA_SOURCE.xmi model, a EMPLOYEE_DATA_VIEWS.xmi model, a name_builder.jar containing the user defined function class NameBuilder

    2) Insure your server containing Teiid subsystem is started

    3) Open EMPLOYEE_VIEWS model and select Modelling > Preview Data for both EMPLOYEE_DATA and EmployeeInfo table

      • Previewing EMPLOYEE_DATA will return the raw data from the remote file source at:
      • Previewing EmployeeInfo will return the concatenated full name for all employees as performed by the buildName() function in it's transformation :
        • SELECT BUILDFULLNAME(FirstName, MiddleName, LastName) AS FullName FROM EMPLOYEE_DATA

    4) Execute VDB and perform SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEE_DATA and SELECT * FROM EmployeeInfo



    Example Data


    We've compiled some test data for your convenience and made it available through the links below or you can download the files and use them as you see fit.


    Teiid Designer Flat File and XML File importers provide both local file system and remote URL based input.