Teiid Designer 10 Release Notes

Version 1

    Release Notes - Teiid Designer - Version 10.0  

    Feature Request

    • [TEIIDDES-2388] -         Add SAP HANA Driver Type
    • [TEIIDDES-2427] -         Add Geometry Type
    • [TEIIDDES-2466] -         Create Preview VDB for only the model containing the table that is being preview
    • [TEIIDDES-2481] -         Add support for recursive common table expressions
    • [TEIIDDES-2571] -         Add HTTP Digest Authentication Support for REST Web Services as a Source
    • [TEIIDDES-2751] -         Add ability to import Oracle Packages via JDBC Import
    • [TEIIDDES-2775] -         Provide automated way to convert a old functional model into relational model



    • [TEIIDDES-1810] -         Support larger statistic values
    • [TEIIDDES-2435] -         [Usability] The default user when connecting to server should be blanked out
    • [TEIIDDES-2437] -         Enable specifying VDB Version when using VDB RE-USE feature
    • [TEIIDDES-2610] -         Add some default values to importer properties in Teiid Connection Importer
    • [TEIIDDES-2664] -         Add Model Extension support for Procedure RESULTS OPTIONS
    • [TEIIDDES-2736] -         Expose all the materialized properties that Teiid supports for configuration



    • [TEIIDDES-2199] -         Designer deletes materialization setting in transformation Editor
    • [TEIIDDES-2389] -         Add ui support for whole texttable no trim
    • [TEIIDDES-2414] -         Large transformation SQL is not exported to INDEX file.
    • [TEIIDDES-2436] -         StackOverflow Exception Importing VDB via JDBC Importer
    • [TEIIDDES-2493] -         Check for spaces in the parent directory Flat File connection importer
    • [TEIIDDES-2550] -         parseTimestamp function in Transformation Editor gives StringIndexOutOfBounds Exception
    • [TEIIDDES-2558] -         Unable to import attached DDL, invalid cardinality
    • [TEIIDDES-2559] -         Load and saving non-workspace vdb fails to retain udf jars and other files
    • [TEIIDDES-2570] -         RelationalTable contains methods for single UniqueConstraint and collection of UniqueConstraints
    • [TEIIDDES-2589] -         The model extension definition "relational" found in model is a different version than the one in the registry.
    • [TEIIDDES-2600] -         DDL Importer does not yet support GLOBAL or LOCAL TEMP TABLE
    • [TEIIDDES-2608] -         Model editor blank after restarting JBDS
    • [TEIIDDES-2622] -         DDL importer does not properly set Materialized table options
    • [TEIIDDES-2625] -         User can access import dialogues after clicking "Cancel" in New project dialogue
    • [TEIIDDES-2641] -         Copying Model problem
    • [TEIIDDES-2644] -         Cannot launch the Create View Table Wizard in Create multi-source VDB Cheat Sheets.
    • [TEIIDDES-2674] -         When deleting project with read-only model TD produces 4 warnings instead of 1
    • [TEIIDDES-2684] -         SalesForce importer issue
    • [TEIIDDES-2697] -         Virtual procedure in generated dynamic VDB does not return result set
    • [TEIIDDES-2698] -         REST procedure in generated dynamic VDB does not work
    • [TEIIDDES-2700] -         DDL Export logic does not add non-relational extension properties to the DDL OPTIONS() clause
    • [TEIIDDES-2706] -         Constraint value ignored in Row Filter dialog
    • [TEIIDDES-2709] -         REST WAR Generation - Index.html contains wrong View name in url
    • [TEIIDDES-2710] -         WS Create Operation Wizard - Creating a method with no input message
    • [TEIIDDES-2711] -         WS Create Operation - Wrong Label Name For Output Message
    • [TEIIDDES-2719] -         DDL for UDF in exported dynamic VDB contains RETURN parameter
    • [TEIIDDES-2720] -         Provide checks on VDB export and warn users if XML Document, Web Services or XSD models exist in the VDB
    • [TEIIDDES-2723] -         Properties lost when importing from dynamic VDB
    • [TEIIDDES-2729] -         Bad export of carriage return in SQL transformation
    • [TEIIDDES-2738] -         REST procedure not imported correctly from dynamic VDB
    • [TEIIDDES-2743] -         Return parameter not created when importing UDF from dynamic VDB
    • [TEIIDDES-2745] -         Extension properties not imported from dynamic VDB
    • [TEIIDDES-2750] -         Cannot launch the Create Data Source in the Guides
    • [TEIIDDES-2762] -         REST import parameter issue - problem on java 8
    • [TEIIDDES-2763] -         User cannot delete last parameter on REST connection profile while editing
    • [TEIIDDES-2766] -         Remove CREATE VIRTUAL PROCEDURE from built-in templates
    • [TEIIDDES-2767] -         Illegal argument exception if explorer context menu launched prior to explorer view fully functional
    • [TEIIDDES-2768] -         Transform from Source Model" doesn't copy Descriptions to new view model
    • [TEIIDDES-2769] -         NPE when trying to edit a Data Role created in older teiid designer version
    • [TEIIDDES-2770] -         Illegal argument exception opening function builder with projected "constant"
    • [TEIIDDES-2771] -         Cannot edit Native Type extension property for procedure parameter with OUT direction
    • [TEIIDDES-2783] -         Need to add support for parsing OPTIONS in procedure statements
    • [TEIIDDES-2784] -         Not open the xml mapping diagram through the model explorer
    • [TEIIDDES-2785] -         Open transformation editor through diagram will display wrong editor
    • [TEIIDDES-2786] -         IllegalArgumentException: server when starting Fuse server
    • [TEIIDDES-2797] -         relational:MATVIEW_TTL has wrong type
    • [TEIIDDES-2798] -         Dynamic VDB can not be generated - view model with procedure
    • [TEIIDDES-2803] -         VDB could not be validated after import from File system
    • [TEIIDDES-2809] -         Import/Export Dynamic VDB utility ignores visibility flag and always sets to true
    • [TEIIDDES-2810] -         Import/Export Dynamic VDB utility doesn't transfer model descriptions
    • [TEIIDDES-2817] -         Unable to export DDL for table/view for a selected database type
    • [TEIIDDES-2821] -         VDB Editor's Data Role panel actions not working correctly
    • [TEIIDDES-2822] -         REST CP - HTTP Digest security - "Test connection" doesn't work


    Quality Risk

    • [TEIIDDES-2469] -         [Usability] Problem importing SOAP web service via URL



    • [TEIIDDES-2408] -         Add remaining SQL/XML functions
    • [TEIIDDES-2753] -         Upgrade Modeshape core and ddl jars
    • [TEIIDDES-2764] -         Change DDL importer framework to use refactored Teiid DDL parser source
    • [TEIIDDES-2781] -         upgrade Teiid runtime client to support 8.12.4
    • [TEIIDDES-2816] -         Update 10.0 User Guide for new features and enhancements