Teiid Designer 7.5 Release Notes

Version 2

    Release Notes - Teiid Designer - Version 7.5    


    • [TEIIDDES-69] -         redundent model support properties should be removed
    • [TEIIDDES-165] -         Transformations Dependent On UDF Model Are Not Validated When UDF Model Changes And Build Is Run
    • [TEIIDDES-166] -         Exceptions Displaying Just Deleted Function In Expression Builder
    • [TEIIDDES-181] -         Missing Java SQL Types In RelationalTypeMapping Interface And Implementation Class
    • [TEIIDDES-229] -         Textual Metadata Importer fails to create simple virtual table transformations
    • [TEIIDDES-311] -         The exported DDL for MySQL does not work when trying to run it agains the database
    • [TEIIDDES-322] -         Scrolling Issues In Coarse And Detail XML Mapping Diagrams
    • [TEIIDDES-330] -         Designer Preview data icon--in vertical toolbar--enabled when package diagram open, but does not work
    • [TEIIDDES-333] -         "Update cost statistics" action should indicate a change in the model that requires a save, but it does not do so
    • [TEIIDDES-340] -         Update Incorrect When Changing Model Name On Last Page Of JDBC Wizard
    • [TEIIDDES-366] -         Modeling  Web service from procedure didn't properly name the input variable
    • [TEIIDDES-579] -         SQL Scrapbook created from Teiid connection is created with Ingress_2006 as the Connection Profile type.
    • [TEIIDDES-597] -         Insert Rows in relational column table editor creates columns in reverse order
    • [TEIIDDES-776] -         Data Roles: After unchecking a model, cannot check subordinate metadata, like columns
    • [TEIIDDES-843] -         Teiid "Build XML Documents from XML Schema" dialog is too wide
    • [TEIIDDES-855] -         Teiid "Save all modified resources" dialog cannot save opened editor for unknown reason
    • [TEIIDDES-885] -         Preview Data fails if attempted immediately after "Save" model.
    • [TEIIDDES-907] -         In Designer, the default data type length could cause issues when accessing EDS via ODBC
    • [TEIIDDES-957] -         Exception Message blank
    • [TEIIDDES-960] -         StringNameValidator.createUniqueName() method is performing multiple unnecessary string operations
    • [TEIIDDES-961] -         Dependency Diagram not responding to edit events
    • [TEIIDDES-972] -         When importing an existing model, message notes that this is an existing model but 'Update' is not chosen by default
    • [TEIIDDES-982] -         Web Services Connection Profile dialog doesn't provide guidance when CP has no valid Teiid connection properties
    • [TEIIDDES-995] -         Importing metadata from text, VARCHAR is interpreted as OBJECT - Should be character-based type
    • [TEIIDDES-996] -         Create Web Service fails if the model contains 2 schemas with the same tablenames underneath
    • [TEIIDDES-997] -         Missing I18n Message Key "ModelSelectionPage.virtualModelMessage" In Salesforce Plugin
    • [TEIIDDES-1000] -         Re-importing Relational Model with changed CASE option does not notify diagram to refresh column names
    • [TEIIDDES-1005] -         Getting exception when attempting to do a metadata search in Designer
    • [TEIIDDES-1012] -         Search Exception is encountered - on attempt to search with open XSD Model
    • [TEIIDDES-1013] -         REST WAR Generation Action is Case-Sensitive in Regards to RESTful Extended Properties
    • [TEIIDDES-1014] -         java.lang.NullPointerException in Manage Extended Prioperties" Dialog After Removing a Property
    • [TEIIDDES-1019] -         java.lang.NullPointerException importing OnHand.wsdl via Import > Teiid Designer > WSDL into Web Service Model
    • [TEIIDDES-1020] -         java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: nu.xom.ParsingException via Import > Teiid Designer > WSDL into Relational Source Model
    • [TEIIDDES-1022] -         Add Model Extension Definition ID to ModelResource
    • [TEIIDDES-1026] -         Teiid Designer "Import from JDBC" for SQL Server only shows dbo schema under the "Select Data Objects" screen
    • [TEIIDDES-1030] -         Undo of REST Extended Properties Leaves MDX in Model
    • [TEIIDDES-1032] -         Endpoint not Set When Creating a Web Service Data Source (Non-SOAP)
    • [TEIIDDES-1035] -         Column Name Incorrect for Create Data Source Dialog
    • [TEIIDDES-1039] -         Re-allocate VDB files panel space so models names take precedence over less important columns, such as description
    • [TEIIDDES-1040] -         Removing MED From Model Causes NPE
    • [TEIIDDES-1041] -         Change Designer's "Teiid Preview Driver" name to "Teiid Driver (default)"
    • [TEIIDDES-1042] -         Modeshape Connection Profile icon missing. Shows as red icon in New Connection Profile dialog
    • [TEIIDDES-1044] -         No easy gesture to close the Dependency Diagram view in Teiid Designer.  Like a back-to-previous-view button.
    • [TEIIDDES-1046] -         Enabling REST for Procedures that were RESTful in 7.4.2 Leaves the Legacy Tags
    • [TEIIDDES-1047] -         Edit and save REST properties from a 7.4.2 model in 7.5 leaves tags in an incorrect state
    • [TEIIDDES-1049] -         When A Model Extension Definition (MED) Is Removed From A Model All The Associated EObject Properties Are Not Being Removed
    • [TEIIDDES-1051] -         Importing Salesforce tables into an empty relational model does not apply extension properties to new tables
    • [TEIIDDES-1052] -         Error Log Message After Removing REST Extension Properties From 7.4 Model
    • [TEIIDDES-1056] -         RuntimeAdapter Needs To Strip Off Extension Property Namespace Prefix Before Indexing
    • [TEIIDDES-1057] -         java.lang.IllegalArgumentException (modelResource == NULL) importing PartsSupplier from DB2
    • [TEIIDDES-1058] -         Importing a .vdb into a different named project than what it was created will cause java.lang.IllegalArgumentException when a model in the vdbeditor is doubleclicked
    • [TEIIDDES-1061] -         Model Extension Definition files are not getting exported to jars for 'sourcefunction' and 'deprecated'
    • [TEIIDDES-1062] -         Models With 7.4 Extension Properties Are Not Being Decorated
    • [TEIIDDES-1064] -         In Designer, when trying to deploy the vdb after overriding a translator property, produce an error dialog indicating the translator is not found on the server
    • [TEIIDDES-1067] -         NPEs upon deletion of salesforce model from the workspace



    • [TEIIDDES-908] -         Replace Salesforce Extension Model created during import
    • [TEIIDDES-958] -         Provide a way for the user to see the Teiid SQL Grammer reserved words
    • [TEIIDDES-968] -         Catalog and Schema should use different icons so that they can be distinquished as to their type
    • [TEIIDDES-971] -         In Designer, when importing tables with foreign keys, let user bring in tables without foreign key dependency errors / allow override
    • [TEIIDDES-990] -         Add JSON Support to Generated REST War
    • [TEIIDDES-1031] -         Add "Undo Make RESTful" Menu Option/Action for Virtual Procedures


    Feature Requests

    • [TEIIDDES-332] -         New virtual procedures should always contain the prologue/postlogue, rather than require the user to remember the syntax
    • [TEIIDDES-359] -         Error messages displayed in the transformation editor are often too generic or too long to be useful
    • [TEIIDDES-369] -         Designer: Annotate objects that are 'pre-viewable'
    • [TEIIDDES-946] -         Add gui handling for new permission types alter/execute
    • [TEIIDDES-965] -         Add option to generate a war with MTOM support
    • [TEIIDDES-975] -         Need additional options for Model Project wizard to assist in setting up working folders for source, views, web services, schemas, extension models and function models
    • [TEIIDDES-992] -         Allow the use of pushdown functions without requiring Java programming
    • [TEIIDDES-998] -         Requesting more seamlessness in the Teiid Designer "Import Metadata from Text files on file system"
    • [TEIIDDES-1017] -         Create "Metadata from Teiid Metadata File" import option which utilizes DTP Flat File connection profile and targets Teiid formatted source table files
    • [TEIIDDES-1065] -         Update the Salesforce translator to the latest API, version 22


    Quality Risks

    • [TEIIDDES-126] -         Add a warning for the use of a model supports property
    • [TEIIDDES-1038] -         Add REST Property/Model Validation



    • [TEIIDDES-936] -         Version 7.5 Release Work
    • [TEIIDDES-981] -         Preview Data Action Should Let User Know When There Is Not A Default Teiid Instance Defined
    • [TEIIDDES-1015] -         Verify Jackson Usage
    • [TEIIDDES-1016] -         Reduce the Relationship metamodel UI contirbutions to bare minimum for displaying legacy relationship models
    • [TEIIDDES-1033] -         Remove "Manage Extended Properties" Dialog and Logic
    • [TEIIDDES-1034] -         Convert 7.4 EMF Tag-Based Extension Model Framework To 7.5 Model Extension Definition Framework



    • [TEIIDDES-926] -         Create persistance and loading mechanism for XML-based Model Extension Definitions