Teiid Designer 9.0 Release Notes

Version 1

    Release Notes - Teiid Designer - Version 9.0  



    • [TEIIDDES-2324] -         Rest Importer: Use invokeHTTP procedure with Named Parameters
    • [TEIIDDES-2328] -         Rest Importer: Show the response document



    • [TEIIDDES-2222] -         Verify Teiid version discovery with remote servers
    • [TEIIDDES-2403] -         Relax BIRT version range to 4.4.0 from 4.4.1



    • [TEIIDDES-1037] -         Data types inported from flat file partially implemented in wizard
    • [TEIIDDES-2125] -         REST procedures created in designer prior to version 8, don't transfer the properties
    • [TEIIDDES-2165] -         User can not use '.' for VDB name in order to version the VDB
    • [TEIIDDES-2210] -         Using Teiid Connection importer doesn't completely import the DDL
    • [TEIIDDES-2213] -         JDBC Importer with PostgreSQL function that returns table imports parameters incorrectly
    • [TEIIDDES-2224] -         web service returns 500 when concurrent access
    • [TEIIDDES-2278] -         Starting server in JBDS(TD) gets stuck on "Performing pre-launch check" (Win 8.1)
    • [TEIIDDES-2284] -         Preview Error for REST Web Service Source
    • [TEIIDDES-2285] -         Unable to scroll wizard window when creating web service war
    • [TEIIDDES-2287] -         Error Generating REST Transformation with Teiid Reserved Word
    • [TEIIDDES-2288] -         "Starting JBoss EAP 6.1+...e Server" stays 0% on Windows
    • [TEIIDDES-2299] -         LDAP import dialog very slow
    • [TEIIDDES-2301] -         XML File importer - issues with SQL generation
    • [TEIIDDES-2306] -         Unable to change constant data type in Expression Builder
    • [TEIIDDES-2331] -         Issues with renaming Source Model (8.3.4.CR1 and 8.6.0 + Windows 7)
    • [TEIIDDES-2340] -         UI issues with Luna Target Platform
    • [TEIIDDES-2341] -         Starting server does not result in full Teiid connection requiring Refresh action
    • [TEIIDDES-2344] -         Empty error message in insert procedure transformation
    • [TEIIDDES-2345] -         Using VARIABLES.ROWCOUNT in update procedure causes validation error
    • [TEIIDDES-2347] -         Undeploying a Dynamic VDB results in TeiidAdminProcessing exception
    • [TEIIDDES-2348] -         Ctrl+v in Transformation editor pastes twice
    • [TEIIDDES-2349] -         Changes to project imported from zip cached even after deleting and reimporting
    • [TEIIDDES-2350] -         Select Datatype Dialog UI issue
    • [TEIIDDES-2352] -         JDBC password lost after restart
    • [TEIIDDES-2354] -         Import -> Web Service Source >> Source and View Model(REST) is missing one quote in SQL
    • [TEIIDDES-2356] -         Import DDL file from workspace location does not work. File not found
    • [TEIIDDES-2357] -         TeiidClientException when trying to query VDB that was created for REST consuption
    • [TEIIDDES-2358] -         REST WS import issues with translator and data source
    • [TEIIDDES-2362] -         Column can be selected as Row Filter target
    • [TEIIDDES-2368] -         Property value issues using New Procedure wizard
    • [TEIIDDES-2369] -         WS Rest Connection Profile property page issues
    • [TEIIDDES-2370] -         Refresh Widget value issues with WS Rest Import Wizard
    • [TEIIDDES-2373] -         Deleted Server still shows as default server
    • [TEIIDDES-2374] -         New Procedure  Wizard's source function option doesn't set FUNCTION = true correctly
    • [TEIIDDES-2375] -         Combo Box issues with Eclipse Luna
    • [TEIIDDES-2376] -         On windows environment, renamig a source model file's name using JBDS will broke a view model which uses the renamed source model
    • [TEIIDDES-2378] -         Virtual Procedure created via WS REST import option has errors
    • [TEIIDDES-2379] -         A view should not be allowed to set the materialization target to itself
    • [TEIIDDES-2380] -         New Model Wizard doesn't copy view model with global temporary table properly
    • [TEIIDDES-2383] -         Transformation editor removes cache hint in SQL
    • [TEIIDDES-2385] -         Error when generating SOAP WAR with WS-Security
    • [TEIIDDES-2386] -         Missing menu items for transformation editor
    • [TEIIDDES-2387] -         Weird behaviour when creating parameters for procedure
    • [TEIIDDES-2391] -         IllegalArgumentException when trying to edit expression using Expression Builder
    • [TEIIDDES-2392] -         Don't allow override name to be the same name as existing translator name
    • [TEIIDDES-2396] -         Renaming a source model does not fullly update import statements to view models
    • [TEIIDDES-2400] -         NPE creating a structural copy of a source model in the new model wizard
    • [TEIIDDES-2404] -         "Preview Data" throws Exception, when user select jdbc driver which is not located under C dirive