Version 1

    As of release 7.1 M1, the Preview Data feature is functioning.


    Prevew data is similar to the "Sample contents" feature found in the Eclipse Data Tools Platform functionality. In that feature, users create Connection Profiles to Databases, connect and execute either ad-hoc SQL queries or select a table and us ethe "Data > Sample contents" action.


    In Designer you can model relational sources and initiate a canned simple query while still in the Designer perspective.


    To try out this feature, install Teiid Designer M1 and follow the steps below.

    1) Follow the Quick Start Guide to install, Create Relational Model and to Create a Teiid Server Instance.


    2) Select a Relational Table in the Model Explorer and right-click select "Modeling > Preview Data" action.


    3) Results of a sample query should be displayed in a SQL Results view.

         - NOTE: You will need to select the combo box dropdown menu (little triangle) and open the "Filters" dialog, then check the "Display results of unresolvable connection profiles".

         - We also recommend that you select the "Display result in single tab" toolbar action else you'll need to select the "Result1" tab after each preview query.