Version 2

    1.0.0.Alpha1 - February 27h 2015

    Goal: One can download a bundle, unzip, run locally.

    On the console, a user is able to self-register, enter a few URLs of websites to monitor, see availability and response time metrics for each of the URL.

    He has the possibility to create email alerts (and alerts in the console) if a website is down for a certain period of time or if the available response time is above a threshold.

    Accepted limitations:

    • Parts may be "hardcoded" through the glue, such as the relationships between metrics and alerts (vs a hub).
    • UI uses but not necessarily visually attractive nor match UXD requirements

    1.0.0.Alpha2 - March 27h 2015

    Goal: The application is available as SaaS

    After some installation procedure on the client, the user is able to monitor a few EAP metrics while the server is running from a zip or OpenShift v3 (requires local installation of OpenShift)

    UI is visually improved.


    1.0.0.Alpha3 - April 24h 2015

    Goal: MVP is complete

    Performance have been measured and improved (Metrics, Alerts, Inventory), the solution is secure

    SaaS is updated.

    UI is visually improved.