Version 3

    We're currently working on the next major version of HAL. will include all features of the current management console plus many new features such as macro recording, topology overview, better keyboard support and PatternFly compliance.


    We're making good progress and have migrated all of the configuration and half of the runtime screens to What's missing is the support for patching and the remaining runtime UI. Our goal is to ship with WildFly asap. If you don't want to wait, I encourage you to try out today and give us feedback!


    I'd like to use this document to give you the chance to participate in the future of the management console. We already have some basic ideas what we would like to add to, but we also want you to give us additional input.


    Runtime Extensions / JavaScript API

    As most of you will know both HAL and are implemented in GWT. For the current version there's a way to write extensions as GWT modules. This is based on the concept of having compile time extensions provided as maven dependencies. While this gives you full access to the HAL API, it's often hard to get started for none GWT developers.


    New features in GWT 2.8 like JsInterop make it very easy to export parts of your Java code to JavaScript. We've used this feature to provide a basic JavaScript API. This can be used in the future to write runtime extensions in JavaScript. A first draft is available: JavaScript API · hal/ Wiki · GitHub .



    The current management console has some limited monitoring capabilities. We could improve and enhance these capabilities if this is something which you want to have out of the box. However we don't want to turn HAL into another monitoring tool. There are plenty of other tools and frameworks which focus on monitoring.


    Macro Recording

    We've built basic support to record macros in Behind the scenes the DMR operations are collected and made available for replay. We could extend this feature to be more dynamic if requested (variables, iterations, el al).


    What else?

    It's your turn! What else do you want to see in