Version 3

    The Red Hat REST Wiki


    The purpose of this wiki is to talk about all things REST at Red Hat.  It will link to places you can get information about REST in the REST community.  It will link to projects that are using REST at Red Hat.  Most importantly, it will define the guidelines to use when introducing RESTful interfaces to projects/products at Red Hat.


    External REST Information

    REST at Red Hat

    • What does Red Hat hope to gain technically from REST?
    • Why is REST good for business at Red Hat?
    • Red Hat REST Frameworks
    • Red Hat projects with RESTful interfaces
    • Red Hat products with RESTful intefaces


    REST Guidelines and Best Practices


    • Why is REST important?
    • What is REST?
    • Modeling Operations in REST
    • Avoid redefining the meaing of an HTTP Verb
    • Avoid exposing URI schemes. Use Links.
    • Link headers vs. Atom links vs. href attributes
    • The advantages and disadvantages of defining custom media types
    • Application versioning.  Defining medai types that can evolve over time
    • Documenting RESTful interfaces
    • Do we need WADL?