Version 4
    tohu-corethe minimum that is required for any Tohu app (model classes, core rules, QueryHelper)
    tohu-domainthe additional classes and rules required if you wish to map questions to a real Java domain model
    tohu-xmlthe additional stuff required if you wish to use an external client which communicates with the rules engine using the XML interface provided by Tohu Execution Server. (This wouldn't be required in an app which runs the rules engine within the client because then you would use the Java API directly.)
    toju-jquery-clientJQuery javascript client
    tohu-loaderCode for loading rules from an Excel spreadsheet and writing out new (or updated) rules files. Also contains a maven exec plugin config for monitoring an Excel file every few seconds for changes so that updates can be viewed in your running application seconds later.

    The idea is that tohu-core should be just the essential stuff that is always needed.  Please keep this goal in mind if you're contributing to Tohu.