Version 1

    Agenda - discuss requirements for tree component


    Details about two features that are sure to not fit in M4 are to be added later


    To be removed:

    • Tree state advisors to be replaced with component attributes/visual model
    • Caching of tree nodes/models - nobody uses this, should be implemented at application level



    • What are the plans for tree data model
      • Design it based on existing AbstractDataModel
      • Allow it to be used as "value" attribute - that's a new feature that was lacking in 3.x
    • Concerns about several root nodes
      • Sequence-based models don't provide persistent row keys
      • Map-based models provide persistent row keys, but have issues with arbitrary ordering
      • Sequence-based models with EL-expression for row key
    • Visual models
      • Hard to keep them synced
      • Tree will be using inputs-like model. State of the node will be stored in model if user provided attributes, otherwise this data will be saved in component state
    • JSF 2.1
      • Need to look at spec. changes for UIData
      • Likely to have fork for JSF 2.0 & 2.1 support
      • Need to decide whether we orient to 2.0 or 2.1





    None for now