Version 5

    Non-Serializable XAResource recovery warning


    Sometimes you may see the following:


    21:31:10,147 WARN  Could not find new XAResource to use for recovering non-serializable XAResource < 131075, 28, 26, 1-7f000001:ba8a:469ed3e6:2097f000001:ba8a:469ed3e6:213


    This means that you had a previous transaction failure involving a non-Serializable XAResource and JBossTS is attempting recovery.

    Because the resource wasn't Serializable, JBossTS does not have enough information at hand to recover the resource and needs help.

    You need to provide an instance of a XAResourceRecovery implementation and tie it into the recovery process in order for this to occur.

    What then happens is that JBossTS will ask your XAResourceRecovery instance for a new XAResource to use during recovery, essentially

    replacing the old (stale) instance with a new one. For more details, check out the documentation.


    Note that it is not mandatory for your XAResource to implement Serializable: it's just a lot easier if it does. However, if this is not the case

    then please consult the documentation on XAResourceRecovery.