Version 2


    This article shows performanse results for three tycho versions:

    1. tycho 0.14.1 (which is current wersion usedto build JBoss Tools)
    2. tycho tycho 0.15.0 pre-373806 (built from master branch of local clone)
    3. tycho 0.15.0 373806-v1 (built from bug373806 branch of local clone where first version of patch for is applied)
    4. 0.15.0 273806-v2  build from master after and


    For each version build is done w/ and w/o target platform to compare performance.

    The results are for buildting JBoss Tools trunk:

    Modules in reactor: 563.


    tycho 0.15.0 pre-373806
    tycho 0.15.0 373806-v1
              0.15.0 273806-v2          
    W/ Target Platform38:28.098s35:33.379s21:53.860s?
    W/o Target Platform23:23.020s21:50.783s22:20.605s?