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    How URLs Work on JBoss Labs


    Friendly URLs

    Currently, "persistent" friendly URLs are supported for freezone pages. There are also some redirects to make browsing easier.


    Let's suppose that the user requests a page /portal/a/b/c (that is, uses an url: There are two possibilities:

    • there exists a project, such that a = projectId. In this case, a page /b/c is read from this project's freezone directory (example location in CMS: portal-content/default/members/projectId/freezone/b/c and displayed.

    • otherwise, the page is read and displayed from the global freezone, but using a full path: /a/b/c (so, an example location in CMS would be: portal-content/default/members/default/freezone/a/b/c)


    If c isn't a file name (that is, doesn't contain a dot), an index.html page is read from the given directory.



    Generally, redirect rules take precedence over friendly urls. The rules are:

    • /, /portal --> main portal page

    • /projects/projectId, /products/projectId, /portal/projectId --> given project's page

    • for page in {news, downloads} , /projects/projectId/page, /products/projectId/page, /portal/projectId/page --> given project's news/ downloads page

    • /a/b/c, where a (not in) {portal, projects, products} --> /portal/a/b/c



    Friendly URLs: