Version 3

    I have created a class which currently uses jdom (JBoss includes this jar) to read in one xml file of the format:


    <sources>    <source>c:/roar/test/test/com/jboss/conversion/xml/source/config.xml</source>    <source>c:/roar/test/test/com/jboss/conversion/xml/source/weblogic-ejb-jar.xml</source>    <source>c:/roar/test/test/com/jboss/conversion/xml/source/weblogic.xml</source> </sources>


    and concatenate into a new uber xml document.  Currently there are no rules, there is simply a root tag which wraps each of these.  I have considered that uniqueness might be a problem, but their position in the file may be enough.  We can extend at some point.


    The class currently has a driver main method and a method that takes a List of fully qualified filenames.  My thought is that it should be exceptionally easy to create a GUI which would provide a filechooser where users could add files to a file list, which could then be used to create the Document to kick off the process.  This makes creation of the uber xml file a simple process of identifying the files to process.  Ultimately we can add a 'scan' which could try to identify the descriptors for you.


    Anyone with good Swing skills want to work on the front-end for me?