Upgrade Notes for Nexus 1.7.1

    This page contains the instructions for updating Nexus from version to 1.7.1.


    1. Review the notes from Sonatype about updating to Nexus 1.6 and 1.7. (http://nexus.sonatype.org/upgrading-nexus.html)
    2. Download Nexus 1.7.1 from Sonatype (http://www.sonatype.com/products/downloads)
    3. Extract the zip or tar.gz file on the server in the appropriate directory (/services/nexus).
    4. Stop nexus and httpd
      1. service httpd stop
      2. service nexus stop
    5. Copy the http url realm authentication plugin to the new version of  nexus
      1. cd /services/nexus
      2. cp  nexus-professional-webapp- nexus-professional-webapp-1.7.1/runtime/apps/nexus/lib/
    6. Update  the configruation of the nexus branding plugin (displays the  jboss.org  logo)
      1. cd /services/nexus
      2. rm -rf   sonatype-work/nexus/plugin-repository/nexus-branding-plugin-1.4.1/
      3. cp -r  nexus-professional-webapp-1.7.1/runtime/apps/nexus/optional-plugins/nexus-branding-plugin-1.4.2  nexus-professional-webapp-1.7.1/runtime/apps/nexus/plugin-repository/

      4. cp nexus-professional-webapp- sonatype-work/nexus/conf/
    7. Remove the symlink to the old nexus install directory
      1. cd /services/nexus
      2. rm current
    8. Remove the wrapper.conf file in the custom-app-configs directory (these settings have changed and the default values are now ok)
    9. Add the attached plexus.properties file to the custom-app-configs directory (this will replace the existing file).
    10. Link the nexus-professional-webapp-1.7.1/conf/plexus.properties file to this file
      1. cd /services/nexus/nexus-professional-webapp-1.7.1/conf/
      2. mv plexus.properties plexus.properties.default
      3. ln -s ../../custom-app-configs/plexus.properties plexus.properties
    11. Create a symlink to the nexus startup script in /etc/init.d

      1. cd /etc/init.d
      2. rm nexus
      3. ln -s /services/nexus/nexus-professional-webapp-1.7.1/bin/jsw/linux-x86-64/nexus nexus
    12. Restart nexus
      1. service restart nexus
      2. service restart httpd
    13. Check that the web interface is up and available