Version 2

    How to upload artifacts to JBoss Maven repository


    There are several ways to do it, but my preferred one is to checkout the subtrees that I use in the repo and then work on my local copy, adding/removing/updating files and issuing commits for the changes.


    So, for instance, imagine you want to work with the google gwt subtree. Just follow the steps:


    1. Checkout the subtree into a local directory. Login and password are the same you use for your user.


    [etirelli@localhost com]$ svn checkout google


    2. CD into the directory you just created:


    [etirelli@localhost com]$ cd google/gwt/gwt-servlet/


    3. Add/remove/update the artifacts you want in the directory structure. For instance, if you want to add version 1.5 of the gwt-servlet artifact:


    [etirelli@localhost com]$ mkdir 1.5
    [etirelli@localhost com]$ cp <SOMEWHERE>/gwt-servlet-1.5.jar 1.5/.
    [etirelli@localhost com]$ cp <SOMEWHERE>/gwt-servlet-1.5.pom 1.5/.
    [etirelli@localhost com]$ svn add 1.5


    4. Commit your changes:


    [etirelli@localhost com]$ svn commit -m "Adding gwt-servlet version 1.5" 1.5


    Repeat for every subtree you want to work with.