Version 28

    Tested With

    • JBoss 4.0.2

    • Java 2 SDK 1.4.2_08

    • Eclipse 3.0.2




    service provides for user accounts management via JMX Console within a JBoss security domain.

    The service exposes methods for adding/deleting/updating an account for the user in the specified domain.

    As updating an account means adding/deleting roles the user has, the service also exposes methods

    for adding/deleting/updating a role in the specified domain. Updating a role means adding/deleting users

    that have it. Also, updating an account means changing the current password as well as disabling/enabling the account.


    Import the attached zipfiles as projects into your Eclipse workspace. Edit


    to specify your environment. The service comes with a sample web app. The last three projects comprise the web app.



    project is a common login module that contains the login and error pages.

    The login page allows the user to change the current password. To do so, the Tomcat valve is used

    ( Thanks Scott!), it finds the service

    by its JNDI name, then invokes the appropriate operation. The error page does the same thing to disable the user account after certain number

    of unsuccessful logins. Makes me think this project also could be reused in other webapps.


    You do not have to download the images if all you are interested in is functionality (but then you'll see

    the broken links). Anyways, enjoy!


    Presently, it's all database-driven (via Hibernate where possible). Another possible solutions will be added through AOP as soon as I master it.