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    User Success Stories




    Have a successful JBoss deployment?  Want to tell people how it worked and what you did?  Let's hear it.  The first post is an example for form and content (ficticious):




    Andy's Blogscapes Inc.


    When my boss came to me and said that he needed to cut my job to pay for our appserver licensing, I said, "No way!  Let's just use JBoss".  We easily and quickly ported our existing J2EE application to JBoss and added lots of new features. 


    Our application shows on-line journals called "WebLogs" or "blogs" for short.  We have 10,000 registered subscribers and each receives pings against a cached XML page called an RSS feed which represents the blog content's recent entries.  We get an average of 10,000 hits per registered subscriber against the RSS feeds for a total of 100,000,000 hits per day!  We have a very small server farm of commodity hardware which displays the pages.  Originally we had more hardware to serve less pages but by making more effective use of caches, commit options and so forth we've drastically increased our performance




    • 4xIntel Pentium III 733mhz servers with 256m ram running JBoss Application Server and Apache HTTPD (for static content)

    • 1xIntel Pentium III 2x1.2gz server with 512m ram running MySQL

    • Really Cool swiches, Inc. router and a T3.