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    In order to compare previous documentation with the current one and add update/added marker to TOC, we use DiffMk version 3.0.a1. tool.

    We added two script files in the bin folder of the DiffMk distribution:



    The first is responsible for comparing 2 files and producing a third file with *diff* markers. The second one we use to indicate the files to compare and the output files, the format is the following: ./ [the path to the file] [the path to the file modified] [the path to the output file]


    To identify the changes between two different revisions of the same guide, use the following line: ./ /path/to/the/old/revision/guide/master.xml /path/to/the/current/revision/guide/master.xml /path/to/the/produced/by/diffmk/master_output.xml


    Next, run the


    Actually, the DiffMk is not an ideal tool for comparing. It has a lot of lacks. Here are some of such lacks we run into:

    • It removes the HTML entities when outputs the file, for instance & in the links;
    • Sometimes it mixes the structure of the document, for instance, put the <chapter> into the <chapter>;
    • Sometimes it deletes the tags such as <imageobject>.


    Thus, in order the docs with diff markers could be built, the next step is validating and checking the master_output.xml files carefully.


    To build the guide with updated/new markers on the TOC, chapters and sections and have the changes highlighted, use the 'diffmk' profile, i.e. the mvn clean install -P diffmk maven command.


    To build the release version of the guide (for JBDS release) with updated/new markers on the TOC, use the 'releaseJBDS' profile, i.e. the mvn clean install -P releaseJBDS maven command.