Version 13

    Please note that some or all of this wiki is OUT of DATE and only applies to older versions of Websphere mq where they did not have an adapter.

    If you are using Websphere 6.0 or above, please use the adapter configurations specified in:


    IBM Webspher MQ Adapter Installation

    JBoss Websphere MQ Adapter Installation



    Using WebSphere MQ Series with JBoss Application Server v4.x - Part II


    In this second part of our WSMQ integration serie, we'll see how to replace JBossMQ with WSMQ for inbound and outbound jms communication





    Note: We assume that you have deployed the test queues and the other configuration files as explained in Part I.


    Also make sure to revert any changes made in the configuration during previous testing. If you are not sure


    just grap a new copy of the attachments.




    Scenario 1: Message Driven Bean listening to a WSMQ Queue, responding to a WSMQ Queue - No XA Support







    Edit the resources/ejb-jar.xml:


         - Change the env-entry-value for the mdb/responseFactory to WSMQQueueConnectionFactory (defined in the resources/jboss-service.xml)


         - Change the env-entry-value for the mdb/responseDestination to wsmq/ResponseQueue


         - Change the env-entry-value for the mdb/responseTransacted to false



    Edit the resources/jboss.xml:


       - Change the configuration-name to WSMQ Message Driven Bean


       - Change the destination-jndi-name to wsmq/RequestQueue




    Rebuild and redeploy the MDB:


        $ant mdb-build
        $ant mdb-deploy


    Run the demo


        $ant wsmq2wsmq


    Check the JBoss console/log


         [echo] Send messages to WSMQ MDB, receive replies from WSMQ response queue...
         [java] resqcf =
         [java] ========== Send Message to wsmq/RequestQueue
         [java] Message sent: Hello World
         [java] ========== Receive Message from wsmq/ResponseQueue
         [java] Message received: Response to Hello World
         [java] Timeout exceeded: no more message found in response queue




    Scenario 1b: Message Driven Bean listening to a WSMQ Queue, responding to a WSMQ Queue with XA Support


    We are still working on a workaround to overcome some non-standard implementation of XA in Websphere MQ.