Version 5


    1. Refactor VPE. VPE became too comlex, it makes new features harder and harder to implement over time.
    2. Move to new XULRuner 1.9.2.x (JBIDE-6429),  or XULRunner 2.0, or WebKit (or anything else).
    3. Implement multiple selection in VPE (JBIDE-8115 - source2visual selection, JBIDE-8699 - visual2source selection).
    4. Improove D&D support, including text selection D&D.
    5. Externalization Validator and Possibility to externalize all strings from a JSF page  (JBIDE-7003)
    6. HTML5 Support (JBIDE-8480)
    7. RichFaces 4 Support (JBIDE-7434 [it is resolved now, but an update is needed to match RichFaces 4.0 release JBIDE-8950]).
    8. Move to Eclipse 3.7  (JBIDE-8637)
    9. Speed up VPE JUnits (JBIDE-8600)
    10. Provide a way to modify all CSS styles applied to selected element (JBIDE-8698)
    11. Add Mylyn integraion (JBIDE-9297)