VPE message attributes processing process

Version 2

    1) This diagram shows how message resources registred in VPE


    Some class names which can be usefull:

    • VpeController  - visual page editor controler, see method init()

    for followinf lines

              bundle = new BundleMap();
    • org.jboss.tools.vpe.editor.bundle.BundleMap class where stores message resources properties.


    2) Diagram #2 how this bundles used when generates a visual nodes


    Usefull classes and method

    • org.jboss.tools.vpe.editor.VpeVisualDomBuilder method createNode(Node sourceNode,nsIDOMNode visualOldContainer) following code
                   if (ElService.getInstance().isELNode(getPageContext(),
                             sourceNode)) {
                        sourceNodeProxy = VpeProxyUtil.createProxyForELExpressionNode(getPageContext(),
    • org.jboss.tools.vpe.editor.util.ELService check is node have EL attributes and replce in proxy node calls neccery attributes and values
    • package org.jboss.tools.vpe.editor.proxy here contained vpe proxys for source nodes