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    JBoss Webservices pre 1.2.0 Release Guide


    For up-to-date infos, have a look at JBossWS Development


    JBossWS can potentially run against three different environments as of now, September 2006. The latest AS release which is 4.0.4.GA, the current AS development branch and Apache Tomcat. There are four kinds of test that need to pass against each of these environments.


    • JBoss WS Internal tests


    Internal test suite covers functional and unit tests. It grows with every bugfix and feature being added to the development branch.

    • JBoss WS Sample tests


    These tests are the first tests that people evaluating JBoss WS look at. These cover a small set of the most common usage scenarios.

    • JBoss AS testsuite


    The AS webservices test suite contains JAXRPC compliant test cases, that can be run against JBossWS as well as the prior version which is WS4EE. Since JBossWS is a superset of WS4EE, this test suite makes sure bug fixes in WS4EE version are covered in JBossWS as well.

    • CTS webservices tests


    This is SUN compatibility test suite. We only need to cover the test cases that are relevant to JBossWS namely JAXR, JAXRPC, SAAJ and Webservice. Running CTS is a bit complicated and hence it will not be covered here.


    The following table shows the required JDK for each of the above test cases:



    WS Internal


    AS test suite


    AS 4.0.4.GA




    AS Branch 4.0




    WS Internal


    AS test suite


    AS Branch 4.0








    All tests primarily involve


    -Building webservices jars


    -Deploying the jars to appropriate AS instance


    -Building tests with appropriate JDK version


    -Running the tests



    WS Internal Test Suite against different JBoss AS



    Make sure that you replace jboss-xml-binding.jar in $JBOSS_HOME/client and $JBOSS_HOME/lib with the one from


    • To run against 4.0.4.GA with jdk1.4, see the guide at JBWSFAQBuildAndInstallJBoss40x

    • To run against Branch_4_0 with jdk1.5, see the guide at JBWSFAQBuildAndInstallJBoss40xEJB3

    • To run against JBoss 5.0(trunk) with jdk1.5, see the guide at JBWSFAQBuildAndInstallJBoss50x


    Note that you may get a NPE while building WS Internal test suite, this is because of an issue with xerces. See the fix at the bottom of the page at JBWSFAQBuildAndInstall


    WS Sample Tests against different JBoss AS


    Following assumes that you checked out JBoss web services source code in direcitory jbossws.

    • set with required JBoss home setting

    • ant build-samples

    • cd ./output/jbossws-samples

    • cp ../../ .

    • set JAVA_HOME and PATH to jdk1.4 if running against AS that's running with 1.4 otherwise 1.5

    • ant main

    • ant tests

    • ant tests-report



    JBoss AS test suite

    • deploy-jbossws/deploy-jbossws14 target copies all the necessary jars to JBoss AS build including thirdparty so there is no need to manually overwrite jars.

    • Run the entire AS test suite


    Running Sample Tests against Tomcat

    • Get the most current version of tomcat from Apache. Right now, it's 5.5.17

    • Modify ${tomcat.home}/conf/tomcat-users.xml to add 'manager' as user if not already present

      • <role rolename="manager"/>

      • <user username="manager" password="manager" roles="manager"/>

    • cd jbossws

    • modify to enable tomcat settings

      • tomcat.home=

      • tomcat.manager.username=manager

      • tomcat.manager.password=manager


    • set java_home and path to 1.5

    • ant deploy-tomcat. It copies all the necessary jars to tomcat

    • In another console, ${tomcat.home}/bin/

    • cd jbossws/output/jbossws-samples

    • cp ../../ .

    • ant main

    • ant tests



    JBoss Webservices 1.2.0+ Release Guide

    Release testing is done by WS guys. Patch testing by the QA Team. Look at HowToTestPatch for guidelines.