Version 50


    General questions

    How can I contact administrators of

    If you didn't find relevant information in this FAQ then you can contact us by email.

    Where are the Hibernate forums?

    The Hibernate forums can be found at

    Why is there no Drools (previously known as JBoss Rules) forum?

    The Drools project have chosen to use mailing lists rather than forums so please contact them there.

    Why is there no RESTEasy forum?

    The RESTEasy project uses user and dev mailing lists.

    What software runs is powered by Jive Software's Social Business Software (SBS) product. It's customized, styled and managed by the JBoss Community Team.

    How do I set my status?

    Login and select Your Stuff -> Profile. Then click on Let others know what you're up to underneath your name to reveal a text box where you can update your status. If you've already set a status then an (Update) link should be displayed next to it.

    How do I restrict a search to only wiki entries?

    You need to click on the More options link from the search results page and then select the Articles icon in the What: section.


    Single Sign On

    Which applications/domains allows to log in via SSO server?

    These applications resp. domains are involved in SSO:

    1. (Jive)
    2. (JIRA)
    3. (Confluence)
    4. (Fisheye)

    How to obtain forgotten password

    When you are unable to login into Single Sign on server, try to obtain new password using this link.

    If you are not able to login even with the new password feel free to contact us.

    Remember me feature requires to log in again after few days

    When user log in with checked remember me feature then during next visit of any involved domain user is automatically log in.

    SSO server do that within 10 days after first succesful login. For security reason you have to re-login after these 10 days.


    In other words when you use any involved application daily it doesn't mean that you'll be logged in forever. Remember me cookie is valid for 10 days and is not renewed during those 10 days.


    Remember me feature requires enabled cookies. In case that user delete cookies in browser then automaticall login is not performed next time.


    User accounts

    I lost my password and don't have access to email anymore. How can I reset my password?

    In this case contact us contact us and we'll reset your password manually.

    How do I stop receiving 'Community Updates' emails?

    Login and then go to this page:!input.jspa.


    You can navigate to this page by clicking on your name at top right corner -> Preferences.


    At the middle of page change the Community Digest field to Never and hit Save.

    What is The Master Account?

    The Master Account is that account which you use to access

    What is duplicate account?

    In the past you were able to register different accounts with same e-mail and use them in other systems (jira, subversion, ...).

    If it's your situation you need to set one of these account to be The Master Account and then others accounts will be duplicates.

    How to set The Master Account?

    Simply login to If our system find any similar account with same e-mail it will help you to set Master Account via simple wizard.

    How can I update duplicate accounts details?

    Via Master Account. Simply edit your user profile here. When you do that each duplicate account is also updated with new information during the next login.

    I have different accounts with same e-mail. Can I use these accounts?

    The best idea is to use only one account across all systems. If it's possible then do it - use only your Master account.

    If you're in situation when you created different accounts and you use each account for different system then you can continue in that.

    But remember that now you manage details of these accounts via one account - The Master account.

    I have different accounts with different username and e-mail. Can I merge them?

    We can merge accounts for you in order to preserve submitted posts etc... whilst giving the benefits of using a single username. Simply contact us with request stating the usernames of the accounts you'd like to merge.

    I've logged in with my Red Hat account but it's linked to the wrong JBoss account?

    In this case please send us an email to this address providing the username of the account that is wrongly used and the one you'd like to get linked. Also we'll need information about the Red Hat account that you are using for this linking (username and email it's bound to).

    Can I change my username?

    Only administrators can change usernames. Please contact us stating the old/new usernames.

    Can I cancel/delete an account?

    You can either simply anonymize your account by changing your profile’s first and last names to ‘Anonymous User’ on the profile editing page, or follow our Red Hat privacy policy which defines the process for deleting an account.


    Jira at

    How to edit user profile details in

    This Jira instance user profile details (first name and last name) are replicated from your Red Hat user profile. Replication is performed during user's login into jira. To change these information follow instructions in help and then logout and login the Jira again.


    How to authenticate Jira REST API calls?

    You can use HTTP Basic authentication to access Jira REST API by putting correct Authorization header into the requests. To construct header value you have to use:

    • username - username from Jira (JBoss account username). You can visit Jira user profile page to find it when logged in as the user which should be used for the REST API calls.
    • password - you have to use password from the Red Hat account which is linked to given JBoss account.


    How to unlock Jira account locked due to high number of unsuccessful login attempts on REST API?

    If you perform many Jira REST API calls with incorrect password, the account is locked, and you can't use it even if correct password is used later. To unlock account for REST API calls simply access jira by browser and login there with given account.


    Confluence at

    How to edit user profile details in

    This Confluence instance user profile details (first name and last name) are replicated from your Red Hat user profile. Replication is performed during user's login into confluence. To change these informations follow instructions in help and then logout and login confluence again.


    How to add my feed to be aggregated on

    Simply log in to and use propose a new a blog. After that we'll check your feed and accept/decline your proposition.


    How to became administrator of my feed?

    Please contact us and mention name of your feed and your username.


    Are my blog post's tags stored in planet?

    Yes, all tags in your original blog post are retrieved and stored in's backend.


    Can I change tags in planet?

    Planet keeps exact copy of all tags from your original blog post. There is no way how to change tags only in planet.

    However new feature is going to be implemented that will allow blog administrator to add additional tags to original ones. But this feature is not implemented yet.