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    General questions

    How can I contact administrators of

    If you didn't find relevant information on help pages or in this FAQ then you can contact us via contact form.




    What is The Master Account?


    The Master Account is that account which you use to access

    What is duplicate account?

    In the past you were able to register different accounts with same e-mail.

    If it's your situation you need to set one of these account to be The Master Account and then others accounts will be duplicates.

    How to set The Master Account?

    Simply login to If our system find any similar account with same e-mail it will help you to set Master Account via simple wizard.

    How can I update duplicate accounts?

    Via Master Account. Simply log in to and update The Master Account. When you do that each duplicate account is also updated.


    I have different accounts with same e-mail. Can I use these accounts?

    The best idea is to use only one account across all systems. If it's possible then do it - use only your Master account.

    If you're in situation when you created different accounts and you use each account for different applications then you can continue in that.

    I have different accounts with different username and e-mail. Can I merge them?

    At the moment it's not possible. Merging accounts across all our sytems (JIRA, Fisheye, Forums, SVN etc.) is not trivial operation but it's in our road-map and we'll provide this feature in future.