Version 10

    This page outlines the current state of websocket support in AS7 and collects requirements for future improvements.





    Websocket Subprotocols


    Promising (as in community interest) websocket subprotocols that could be provided.








    JBoss components that already use web sockets


    - Infinispan

    - Torquebox

    - HornetQ

    - Errai

    - AeroGear (in design)

    Websocket capable server Implementations


    Current web socket implementations under the JBoss umbrella:


    - Tomcat 7 Websocket API (Tomcat API, evtl. JSR 356)

    - Bill's Websocket implementation (Custom Server, Custom API)

    - Mike's Websocket implementation (Servlet API, based on JBoss Web)

    - Torquebox (Custom Server, based on Netty)

    - HornetQ (Custom Server, based Netty)

    - Infinispan (Custom Server, based on Netty)


    Acceptance Criteria

    Some criteria (wishlist, requirements) for chosing the proper implementation:


    - testsuite coverage: autobahn seems to become a pseudo standard amongst implementations. AFAIK the IETF working group relies on it as well.

    - JSR 356 compliance (nice to have IMO, but nothing more at this stage)