Version 1

    JBoss-Seam-Int is:

    1) MC part
      - currently Seam specific deployer
      - hopefully in the future some other optimization

    2) AS part
      - JBossAS custom Seam impl; e.g. VFSScanner instead of URLScanner
      - for 2.1.1. we're thinking of optimizing how resources are looked up
       e.g. using JBoss5 existing lookup mechanisms (we already do it for EJB3)
      - MC components can be part of Seam components
       e.g. getting underlying TransactionManager from MC

    MC part will not change a lot.
    Where AS part will grow with Seam's changes.
    e.g. introduction of hooks for resources lookup optimization

    How this comes into JBossAS project is under the same name = jboss-seam-int.
    I then during the JBossAS instance build, place the in the right places:
      - MC part goes into JBossAS deployers
      - AS part goes into newly created lib-opt directory

    Once you deploy your Seam app,
    Seam+MC deployer knows which deployments are Seam deployments,
    and adds the Seam+AS part into deployment's classpath.
    Seam has a list of custom classes and if they are present they are loaded.
    e.g. VFS Scanner is checked, before you fallback to URLScanner