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    What is your favorite operating system?


    Please put below the name of your favorite operating system, your name (or JBoss forum user name), who you work for (its okay if you don't want to say):


    • For development:

    1. seratski, Debian, Eclipse 3.2 + WTP 1.5

    2. Klausson, OS X or Linux - with Eclipse 3.1 and MyEclipse

    3. Donovajf, OpenVMS if you want a REAL CLUSTERED operating system that is; admin/operator/user friendly, provides excellant HELP, realistic interactive commands and a great GUI interface for those who can't think!

    4. Andrew C. Oliver, JBossGroup - OS X, Eclipse as IDE

    5. Juha Lindfors, Microsoft Windows rules above all else. Easy and pleasant to use, maximizes your productivity by minimizing ineffective tinkering. There simply isn't an OS out there that comes even close to matching Windows.

    6. Little Alien OS X/Idea

    7. Nicholas WinXP/JBuilder

    8. Takomi_matsumura for development...yes i must agree...either OS X gui or Windows GUI...linux gui's require too much configuration to make user friendly...

    9. BOne  Mac OS X, Eclipse IDE .. I advise everyone to try Mac OSX. after that, u may have a new definition of user friendly

    10. AndersEngstrom I'd say linux (or some kind of unix with a good shell). grep, find and sed are your friends.

    11. Vladyslav Kosulin WinXP/Eclipse, Win2000/Eclipse

    12. Ionel Linux with Eclipse. But Juha's somewhat true : with Windows, you don't have to bother for hardware/software configuration.

    13. Acristi Linux(Fedora) & JBuilderX 

    14. JasonT.Greene Gentoo Linux - Eclipse & Vim

    15. YuexiangYang RH Linux, - Eclipse,Ant & Vi

    16. HolgerBaxmann win2k/;cygwin;MacOSX

    17. GaryGerber OS X, Eclipse as IDE

    18. Steve Coy OS X, Eclipse as IDE

    19. Ronald Mathies Windows XP, Eclipse as IDE

    20. Sascha Kulawik Windows XP, Eclipse 3.0

    21. Vaheesan Selvarajah WinXP/2K with Borland JBuilderX (with 1GB mem

    22. DavidStoleson MacOSX, Eclipse 3.0

    23. NavjotSingh Win2K, Eclipse 3.0 with MyEclipse

    24. SimonMeaden Linux (Fedora core1 at present), Eclipse 3.0 with MyEclipse

    25. Frank Bille Jensen Linux (Debian), Netbeans 3.6, JBoss 3.2.4/4.0dr

    26. Trifon N. Trifonov, Windows 2000, IntelliJ IDEA 4.0 or Eclipse as IDE

    27. Dima Fedotov - Gentoo, NetBeans

    28. SanderBrienen Windows XP and Eclipse 3 for development.

    29. FrankMerenda Linux, of course! With Eclipse.

    30. Carlo Windows XP, and definitely, definitely IDEA any version!!!

    31. Giorgio42, Windows XP, Netbeans 4.1

    32. ChristianG. Windows 2000/XP, Eclipse

    33. JAL: Linux Debian/SID, IntelliJ IDEA, JBoss 4/EJB3

    34. FranoisProulx Mac OS X (Intel-based Mac), Eclipse 3.2

    35. Tsar_bomba Gentoo Linux x86, Eclipse 3.1.2 + MyEclipse 4.1.1

    36. WestonPrice  Mac OSX with Eclipse (PPC and Intel)

    37. halder01 Debian (Sarge) with Eclipse


    • For servers:

    1. Seratski, Debian Stable

    2. Klausson, Linux - no contest

    3. Donovajf, OpenVMS if you want a REAL CLUSTER operating system that is; admin/operator/user friendly, provides excellant HELP, realistic interactive commands and a great GUI interface for those who can't think!

    4. Andrew C. Oliver JBossGroup - Linux

    5. Little Alien OS X Server

    6. Nicholas Tolerate Win2000 but have my eyes on Linux

    7. Takomi_matsumura Any POSIX thingie...i want to cut out everything ...just the bare minimals please... no gui, no screen, no sound, i want many gigs memory

    8. BOne  Linux

    9. Vladyslav Kosulin RH Linux x86

    10. Ionel Linux

    11. Acristi Linux - JBoss

    12. JasonT.Greene Solaris (Sparc) & RH Linux (x86)

    13. YuexiangYang Linux, JBoss, PostgreSQL

    14. HolgerBaxmann MacOSX; AIX 4.3.3 / 5.2L

    15. GaryGerber OS X Server

    16. Ronald Mathies Windows 2000, 2003 & MacOS X

    17. Hernan Terzian Windows 2000 & Linux

    18. Sascha Kulawik Linux, Linux, Linux! (Debian, SuSE, whatever)

    19. Vaheesan Selvarajah Linux Red Hat

    20. DavidStoleson Linux

    21. NavjotSingh Linux rules.

    22. SimonMeaden Linux of course, how can it be anything else?

    23. Frank Bille Jensen Linux (Debian), JBoss 3.2.4

    24. Chris Mitchel windows 2000 (Debian), JBoss 3.2.4

    25. Trifon N. Trifonov, Linux, JBoss 3.2.4, Apache

    26. SanderBrienen Solaris with JBoss 4 and Apache.

    27. FrankMerenda Debian w/JBoss 4 and Apache

    28. Giorgio42 Solaris, JBoss 3.2.3 and a separate Tomcat

    29. ChristianG. Linux x86_64 (Redhat, SuSE)

    30. JAL: Linux Debian/SID, IntelliJ IDEA, JBoss 4/EJB3

    31. FranoisProulx Debian with JBoss 4 and Apache, PostgreSQL 8

    32. Tsar_bomba Gentoo Linux, JBoss 4 (EJB3), Postgres 8

    33. WestonPrice Linux x86_64, OS400

    34. halder01 Debian of course


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