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    Eclipse as the integrator


    Eclipse is a great IDE for many things, not just Java development for JBoss.  Without leaving my IDE I can write code, synchronize it with CVS, view my database configuration, query my database, generate java code/objects from my database structure, compile and package my application,  should I continue?  In short, what Eclipse doesn't have you can easily expand it yourself, or get a plugin someone else already wrote.  Don't want the plugin?  Then don't install it.  I have to do Perl work once in a while, so I got a Perl plugin to help do that.  Eclipse allows you to work the way you want to.  You don't have to be forced to work the way someone thought you should.  This flexibility makes it very useful to me.


    Eclipse as the friendly IDE


    However, there are certain tasks specifc to JBoss or Java that make it better than other IDEs that I've used.  I like the automatic compiling so I know if there's errors right away.  I like the auto complete.  I like the Quick Fix to automatically correct simple mistakes.  I like the refactoring capabilities.  I like the comparison feature (against other source code or even against version from source control).  Eclipse is fast.  Its quick and nimble and doesn't seem to get bogged down and force me to wait up for it.  For that reason and the others above, I find Eclipse a friendly IDE to use.


    Eclipse and JBoss is like peanut butter and jelly


    Eclipse with the JBoss IDE plug in adds the tools you need to seamlessly develop your java applications and debug with JBoss right from your IDE.  I was originally disappointed about the lack of JSP debugging with Eclipse and JBoss, but after getting the latest JBossIDE with Eclipse 3.0 and JBoss 3.2.2 (with tomcat 5), I'm happy as a clam.   It does offer many features that anyone who gives it a try will really appreciate.  Local debugging, remote debugging, XDoclet support... do I need to continue?  The combination of Eclipse with the JBoss IDE plugin is perfect, and its a pair that deserves to be together.


    - mjdinsmore 14June2004, - mjdinsmore 17dec2004




    Eclipse Does Shell Script Editing


    Eclispe now has a plugin so you can edit your shell scripts.  Imagine an IDE where you get to work your way from OS to App Server and everywhere in between. 


    - shareme 28September2004


    I spent many many years as a JBuilder fan-boy. It took some while to get used to Eclipse, but I forced myself, partly because there is more information and support for using it with JBoss. (Although now that I know more, I probably could use JBuilder if I wanted to.) I'm very happy with Eclipse now. The fact is, Eclipse does some things better and some things worse than JBuilder, overall I'd give them a tie. But the price tips it in favour of Eclipse because the free JBuilder is crippled.