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    Why I get java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError on 4.0 with non-SUN JVMs?


    Sun's 1.3.x/1.4.x implementation of the method javax.rmi.CORBA.Util.isLocal(),

    always assumes that proprietary SUN stubs are used, which is wrong.


    To get around this we introduce our own javax.rmi.CORBA.UtilClass that


    and fixes the problem:


       systemProps.put("javax.rmi.CORBA.UtilClass", "org.jboss.iiop.SunJDK14IsLocalBugFix");


    If you run on a non-Sun JVM you don't need this fix and you should

    disable the patch by adding the following attribute to the CorbaORB service

    started in iiop-service.xml


       <attribute name="SunJDK14IsLocalBugFix">false</attribute>


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