Version 5

    Why is Hypersonic still used after configuring for another database


    versions: 1.0M3, 1.0M4




    The graphical installation does not alter the configured JBossMQ persistence mechanism.  The default JBMS installation uses JBossMQ for sending notifications of mails avaialable for processing.  No alternative configuration was done to the JBoss Application Server instance bundled with JBMS.




    Reconfigure the JBossMQ installation per instructions:


    • ConfigJBossMQPersistence


    You may wish to use your datasource name as defined in $JBOSS_HOME/server/$CONFIG/deploy/jbms-ds.xml although you may use any persistance mechanism that you wish.  If you use transient persistence then mails may be lost if the server shuts down before all mails are processed from a transient queue.  It is not suggested that you use transient queues.


    Other issues


    For small servers, because only the headers are saved in Hypersonic, and HSQLDB is a memory-based DB that also logs to disk -- performance is probably better to leave it as the default.