Version 21

    The current instructions on how to use the wiki are found when you try to edit a page.


    They are also available on the EditPageHelp wiki page:



    Also the SystemInfo page describes the version of JSP Wiki that is being used: 2.1.53-cvs


    We should point out the difference between the 2 wikis that are used; JBoss Wiki and JSP Wiki. This page points out that the JSPWiki implementation went live on 27th February 2004.


    There is a documentation license that applies to all information submitted to the wiki:



    This should be pointed out in the Wiki section of the Governance model.



    There are currently some pages on the JSPWiki that explain what the wiki is and how it should be used:


    Watching the JBoss Wiki with an RSS reader



    All About Wikis page



    Wiki Etiquette


    The current versions of our wikis are:


    • JSPWiki (Version 2.1.53-cvs)

    • JBoss Wiki (Version 1.0beta2)


    New Design


    Wikis are an essential tool for online collaboration, allowing rapid growth and centralization of information created by the community. Due to their popularity and usefulness many different wiki products are now available with an ever increasing number of features.


    The wiki product that uses is called JSPWiki and you can find the main page at


    JSPWiki was chosen at the start of 2004 for a number of reasons including:


    • It was open source

    • It was written in Java using standard J2EE components

    • It was actively developed

    • It was easy to install and use 


    Since going live on 27th February 2004 over 2500 pages have been created, providing information on a wide range of JBoss projects.


    Note: Care must be taken not to confuse this wiki, commonly referred to as the JBoss Wiki, with a JBoss project of the same name. The JBoss Wiki project is focussed on the development of a wiki portlet (based on JSPWiki) for use in JBoss Portal or any other standards-based portal. The ambiguity in the name is unfortunate, especially since the JBoss.ORG team use the JBoss Wiki portlet for their own wiki located at This wiki contains information regarding the ongoing development of the site.


    To avoid confusion, any references to JBoss Wiki from this point onwards will refer to the wiki located at


    Using the wiki


    Reading the wiki is as simple as pointing your browser to the main page and clicking on the links you are interested in. To keep the layout as logical as possible, users are encouraged to search for appropriate pages to place links to any new content. For example if a user creates a new page with a tip on configuring JBoss Security they should place a link on the JBoss Security page or subpages, instead of on the Main page.


    Anyone can read the wiki anonymously but if you wish to create or edit a page then you first need to login to your account. If you don't have a account then you can register for one by clicking on the Register link at the top of the page. Registration is free and only takes a few moments. This requirement helps to prevent spam and allows you to track your changes over time by recording your username and the current date and time for each change made.


    Documentation License


    To accept and publish wiki contributions from the community, requires that authors observe a simple documentation license that covers the terms and conditions of use. The text of this license is as follows:


    All authors submitting documentation to the JBoss Wiki give Red Hat a non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, publish or republish the documentation.




    Along the top of each wiki page are a number of links that provide useful functionality:






    Unused Pages

    Undefined Pages




    • Home - takes you to the main wiki page.

    • About - gives a brief overview of the JBoss Wiki.

    • Search - allows you to search the wiki and the site for relevant pages.

    • Changes - lists all of the changes made to the wiki in the last 30 days (or since the wiki began if requested).

    • Unused Pages - lists all of the pages that are not linked to (and therefore hard to find).

    • Undefined Pages - lists all of the links to wiki pages that have not yet been created.

    • Index - presents an index of all the wiki pages.

    • License - displays the documentation license that applies to all wiki contributions.


    Creating a page


    There are 2 ways to create a new page:


    1. Enter a URL into your browser of the form<name> where <name> is the name of your new page. If a page with that name does not exist then you will be given the option to create it. This method allows you to create pages that are not linked to.

    2. Edit an existing page and enter a link to the page you wish to create. This link will initially be displayed with a question mark next to it to indicate that the page does not yet exist. Clicking on the question mark allows you to create the new page.


    Creating links to pages


    Traditionally links to pages in wikis are created using words entered in Camel Case. Camel Case is a way of writing multiple words where spaces between the words are removed and the first letter of each word is capitalized. For example the words 'security tips and tricks' would be written in Camel Case as 'SecurityTipsAndTricks'. By default JSPWiki does not treat words entered in Camel Case as links to new pages,  however the wiki administrator can turn this feature on if required. To see whether Camel Case links are used, go to the SystemInfo page and look at the properties inside the Usability table.


    Sometimes you may enter a word that happens to match the Camel Case pattern but does not represent a link, for example EclipseCon (the title of the annual Eclipse Conference). In these situations you can prepend the word with a tilde (~) character to tell the wiki that it isn't a link, i.e. ~EclipseCon.


    If you prefer you may also specify links using square brackets like this:



    In this case the name of the page being linked to is generated by removing any non-alphanumeric characters (except _ and .) and converting the remaining words to Camel Case. For example generates a link to a page called JohnsPage.


    If you want to have a link using normal text, with spaces and punctuation, then you can use the following format:


    John's page


    On the left of the | symbol is the link text and on the right is the name of the page being linked to.


    Finally, if you want to make links to external wikis such as wikipedia then you can use the following format:


    JBoss definition


    For this to work the wiki must be set up with an InterWiki link so that the word Wikipedia is automatically replaced with The resulting link therefore becomes


    You can see all of the available InterWiki links from the SystemInfo page. If you need an additional InterWiki link setup then please contact the wiki administrator (


    Editing a page


    To edit a wiki page you just need to click on the 'Edit this page' link found at the top and bottom of each page. You can enter text just like writing an email using return to start a new paragraph.



    TextFormatting rules

    Mention that there is a page called the sandbox in each wiki so that you can experiment with the editing features:


    JSPWiki Sandbox






    Deleting a page


    Viewing the history of a page


    Viewing the last changes made


    Watching for wiki changes using RSS


    Wiki Etiquette