Version 1

    Important: this document descrbes a workaround for hotrod functionality that will be added to infinispan in future releases. Once this is in place, users are strongly recommeded to use that one instead of the below described workaround.


    Current hotrod specifications (and existing clients) do not support a set of features which are highly requested by Infinispan's community.


    - transactions over hotrod. Scheduled for Infinispan 5.2: ISPN-375

    - map/reduce and distributed executors over hotrod. Scheduled for Infinspan 5.2:  ISPN-1094

    - querying over hotrod. Scheduled for Infunispan 5.2: ISPN-374


    This small project adds a workaround to support running the above mentioned functionality over hotrod.

    At the moment support for transactions over hotrod was added. Querying and map/reduce can also be build in a

    similar fashion to transactions.


    For running transactions over hotrod please refer to this document.