Version 5

    Welcome to Flies!


    Getting started as a translator


    1. Make sure you have a jboss.org login.  Visit http://www.jboss.org/index.html?op=checkage&module=user

    2. Sign in to https://translate.jboss.org/

    3. Join one of the language teams

    4. Introduce yourself to the JBoss Localization list, and ask for access to Flies.  Make sure you include your jboss id, and please let us know if you've done JBoss translation work before.

    5. One of the Flies admins can then add you to the 'translator' group

    6. Go back to Flies:  https://translate.jboss.org/ (you might need to log out and in again)

    7. Pick a project, and you can start translating!


    Feel free to experiment in the Test Project!



    You can read the user's guide for Flies here:  http://code.google.com/p/flies/wiki/Introduction


    Integrating a new project with Flies

    See Flies Integration