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OK the critics of the "professional open source" model just reached a new low. It is funny how everyone has an opinion of how open source should work. Not that these people actually CONTRIBUTE anything significant to open source but they still have an OPINION of how OSS should be run.


In that particular entry, the opinion seems to be that the developers who create OSS should work regular jobs and develop OSS on a volunteer basis. How dare we consider offering services around our own creations?


But what was sad and DISGUSTING to me was when I read that the critic runs " a consulting company specializing in Apache, Tomcat, and Cocoon consulting, support, and training services." I almost wanted to cry. Meaning that JBoss helps this guy make money by sponsoring Tomcat and being the lead developers. We pay for that development, he makes money off of it.


So this guy is in the business of suckling on the success of OSS projects. JBoss like models piss him off when we offer these services from the source since we cut into his potential markets...and profits in order to pay our own developers and R&D and bring that PIG professional open source grade software like Tomcat 5.5...


The disgusting hypocrisy of it all made me feel sick.



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