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JBoss and Microsoft

Posted by marc.fleury Sep 29, 2005
So the news hit the street on Tuesday that we announced a collaboration with MSFT. The press was on fire, literally. Silicon Valley, according to one of our investors, was abuzz with the news. As many articles mentioned, two companies on opposite sides of the open source philosophical divide, Microsoft and JBoss, have decided to collaborate.


Despite all the "conspiracy theories" floating out there, the announcement was very factual: we are focusing on customers. Windows Server is widely deployed with JBoss. Our own surveys show that 50% of our user base is on Windows. Ironically, Java is what enables so many of you to run Windows with our apps: the end-user gets to choose what platform he deploys on and Windows Server gets to compete on the serverside just like any other OS. Thank Java for that unlikely cooperation.


At heart there is concrete technical collaboration.

  • Microsoft Active Directory(R) integration. Integrated sign on and federated identity, this is very relevant for our Portal effort for example
  • Web services. Interoperability using WS-* Web services architecture. This one is a no-brainer.
  • Management. A Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager. Since people are heavily using Jboss in Windows environment it makes sense for us to collaborate so Jboss is manageable from the Microsoft Operations Manager.
  • SQL Server(TM). Optimized performance for users of Hibernate, JBoss' object/relational mapping technology, and Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0. This one is particularly interesting as it could signal the avaibility of JavaEE features for .NET/C# developers. EJB3 on net? Hmmm


The feedback has been very positive, if not a bit overwhelming. First, has JBoss sold its soul? Well, again I think that a lot of the anti-MSFT sentiments come from the fact that Linux competes with Windows. Many folks at JBOSS have tremendous respect for MSFT, for what they have achieved as a company and a technology house. However our soul has always been about FOSS, or rather, Professional FOSS. It is kinda sad that a fringe of the Linux community gets wrapped up in the "MSFT is the Devil" rethoric. The reality of the field often gets blurred by the ideologues.


The philosophy isn't that far apart at a certain level: we all believe you should be able to make money producing software. I often refer to the "Open Letter to Hobbyists" written by Bill Gates in the mid-seventies as a proof point that "software costs money". Today, we have systems that enable us to produce software without the need for a for-pay, proprietary license. MSFT didn't have that luxury when they invented EULA's. What has changed is the advent of the Internet and, with it, a cheap way to build, distribute and support software that can sustain disruptive business models. The bottom line is still the same though: we believe in software's standalone potential, be it FOSS or proprietary. In that sense MSFT and Professional FOSS are not that far apart.


Another thing I hope this announcement signifies is a big opening at MSFT. It is kind of sad that both Java and FOSS were perceived so negatively from the get go at MSFT. It is difficult to overcome first impressions. Probably it is due to the early marketing. In the beginning Java was positioned, cleverly by Sun, as a Windows killer--which it never was--and FOSS grew from Linux which, for its part, clearly was a competitor to Windows. But two negatives amount to a positive. 1) Java enables our users to run Windows Server and thus helps MSFT capture a share of the corporate Java playground and 2) FOSS represents more than just Linux. I hope this announcement has helped a lot of MSFT employees see that FOSS != Linux and that Java ain't all that bad.


There is no reason to let IBM take all the karma points on loving FOSS. While I am grateful to IBM for having created a market for Linux, they did it primarily as a way to diminish MSFT's influence. I can assure you that Big Blue doesn't hold its punches in the field when it comes to its own software--DB2 and Websphere. IBM doesn't love FOSS. They HATE FOSS; they love Linux, which is a different story. Here I think MSFT can give IBM a little taste of their own medicine, and I am chuckling under my breath.


Still, in the fun part of the equation, this has been a joyous event for our company. Two partnerships, Dell and Microsoft, were announced in the quarter almost as a one-two punch and it was a pleasure to see how our own employees reacted. Sure, some of the developers went "gasp," but even some of the more hardcore guys were jumping with joy and saying "about time." What really warmed my heart were the private email from employees saying how proud they are to be at JBoss, how unique this experience is and, as one put it, "wow."


I hope our collaboration flourishes. We can see, thanks to the syntactic similarities between Java and C#, a day where annotations are your passport to various platforms. One day Visual Studio developers with C# will be able to use annotations from EJB3 and leverage Java EE in the back-end. There is such an installed base of EE services out there (and I am not talking about WS-limp integration, but real language support). Many developers in the EE camp are comfortable with their back-end in Java (on Windows :) but are looking for better tools and web frameworks to develop in. I truly believe this is where Java EE and .NET meet. WE will be working towards that.


All in all, a very good week and as Dana Blankenhorn wrote Marc Fleury's best day ever :) And, btw the picture on that article was taken in Joe McGonnell's office on the day of the announcement by Dana on his phone cam. I couldn't wipe the smile off the whole day :)


Finally I want to thank the people that have worked on making this possible. First Shaun Connelly and Pierre Fricke on the JBoss side. Sacha Labourey for working on the partnership early on. Thanks also to the folks at MSFT, particularly Bill Hilf and Martin Taylor, as well as Charles Fitzgerald. It was a well executed announcement with very positive results.


Peace, Love and Good Software Collaboration,




JBoss in the press

Posted by marc.fleury Sep 23, 2005


What a week in the press. In case you missed it, we got the lead in the cover story of Investor's Business Daily (IBD) on their OSS coverage. It was a high to pick up the well known business newspaper on Wednesday morning getting on a plane and seeing my name plastered in the middle of the first page. The first paragraph curbed my enthusiasm "It's easy to see why Marc Fleury's numerous enemies accuse the 37-year-old CEO of having a god complex.". So it is now official, 1/ I am 37 (I will be on Nov 22nd) 2/ have a god complex. The real downer though was my picture on page 7, I look like a retard, a smiling retard. Oh well, I am not complaining :)


The second article in IBD on thursday (part Deux) was very interesting. It contained interesting quotes from both Chuang at BEA and Mills at IBM. Mills comes out of the gates with a flaming endorsement of JBoss and MySQL as real competition. If you only have time for one article read that one as it is a great summary of FOSS's impact on the field. IBM likes Linux but doesn't like mySQL and JBoss, what is so surprising about this? Well what is surprising is that IBM is pushing FOSS, when they meant to be pushing Linux. This has nothing to do with loving OPEN SOURCE but rather with pragmatic business competition. When Linux helps them fight MSFT, it is a cudly penguin but when it comes to their own turf well... romanticism be damned, the boys from Armonk mean business.


The big product announcement of the week was SEAM. There was great coverage on SEAM starting with this article by Darryl Taft. We briefed Darryl on a exclusive basis and he did a good job of capturing what SEAM was about. I don't know how Darryl does it but he managed to find 2 guys that don't like us :) one is a staunch detractor for the past 2 years, the other an ex BEA executive, he he. I want to correct one thing in Darryl's article. SEAM is all open source. Most people in blog-land got it right though, which proves that blogs are still a valid source of information when unbiased. Gavin was showing me all the blog coverage and we had a good time reading it. Too many to link here but I want to thank all of you for the coverage and fair evaluation. We are as excited as you are about SEAM and we want the SEAM community to grow up fast. SEAM is here to deliver RoR style productivity and we believe a merge of the component models from the front end to the back end is well over due. We want to be pushing this at a standards level and we will need the support of the community to get this through at the JCP level. Community enthusiasm around a product is the most gratifying thing, I am happy and proud for Gavin and his team, a big score and a big project being launched, this one will be for the ages.


We will be at Jboss World Barcelona in 10 days from now. I know I will see many of you there and I relish this opportunity. We also have BIG NEWS COMING AT JBW. I think it will surprise many in the community to see the direction we are taking and the seriousness with which we are executing on our plans. Be ready to be surprised :) The truth is that today, Jboss is a much different company than it was even a year ago. We were at 70 people and still young, today we are 150 people and it looks like a corporation in action. The level of talent in the organization is high and more importantly, pervasive. From my direct executive team of seasoned and talented professionals to the rank and file in sales or support, Jboss is not your run of the mill startup. I am proud of the fact that Jboss is one of the best places to work at in the software industry. I am proud of the caliber of talent we are able to attract. Taking a SEAM off the ground or really challenging the big boy like we are doing is possible because WE ARE STARTING TO OPERATE AS A REAL FIRM.


But I want to save the best for last :) But actually just a teaser because I will not say anything except that we GOT SOME DYNAMITE OF AN ANNOUNCEMENT COMING OUT ON TUESDAY MORNING. That's right, I am chuckling under my breath when I think about it. The big-ness of it, the beauty of it, the surprise of it.


It will get the attention of mr Mills at's for sure!.... Buaaahahahahahahaah


Watch the news on Tuesday. Right here, same channel. Go get the popcorn! entertainment ACOMIN'




Hello Folks,


I am actually in San Diego where I keynoted this morning at the excellent JavaPRO Live event. I was asked to blog about our own upcoming event in Europe, JBoss World Barcelona. I just booked my flight to Barcelona for our first user’s conference and exhibition in Europe, JBoss World Barcelona. This should be a better experience than my last flight to Spain (see my previous blog). Plus after our successful conference in Atlanta in March, I am excited to bring JBoss World to Europe in the Spanish Style. Why? well apart from the little known fact that I actually not pure French but actually a franco-spaniard (my mom is from Spain, my dad from France), Barcelona seemed like the right venue. What that means is that we will make room for “Siestas” in between deep tech session at a brand new 5 star hotel and we will party to deep techno at night in what promises to be fun venue. Our packages are ALL-INCLUSIVE and this is what you will get.


We have designed this event to be a SOCIAL gathering for our community as well as WORKING gathering for our community.


JEMS products such as Hibernate, JBoss Portal, JBoss jBPM, JBoss Cache, or JBoss Application Server will be covered in detail, the roadmaps discussed and this is a great chance to meet the leaders of the projects, whether you contribute today or are using today or plan on using. You will see that there is a clear roadmap for the Open Source Platform of choice. The conference is a chance to gain exposure to new JEMS product developments and to learn how other companies are leveraging JEMS open source products. Above all, JBoss World Barcelona is a great networking event. It is a chance to meet the core developers behind the products, key partners that provide certified products and services, and other interesting and important open source advocates in Europe.


From a content standpoint, we had an amazing response for our call for papers, a great group of sponsors, and an agenda that keeps growing as a response from our community. We even had the luxury to be quite selective in the call for paper process. This will be a quality technical event as well whether you are a developer, a business person or an architect. Three days of break-out tracks will comprise presentations by leading business and technical community members and JBoss founders and core developers that address real-life, industry-wide challenges with pragmatic and proven solutions, whilst highlighting the best practice in industry for the components of the JBoss Enterprise Middleware System (JEMS)


Here are some of the few reasons you should come.

  • Be part of the largest ever gathering of JBoss users in Europe
  • Come together for three days to network with your fellow open source peers
  • Get unprecedented access to the JEMS project founders and lead developers and learn where the technology is heading
  • Meet with key JBoss partners and learn about their certified products and services
  • Get an inside look at how others in the industry are leveraging JEMS in their enterprise including a special track dedicated to the Telecommunications industry
  • See first-hand new management and monitoring tools from JBoss and our partners that will dramatically improve your operational efficiency
IF YOU ARE WITH THE PRESS Our EMEA agency is reaching out to many of you as we will hold a press conference right before the event. We will be unveiling many roadmaps and the strategic vision for the future of JEMS. I mentioned some of the products we will be rolling out this morning with the keynote, specifically the SEAM integration of web and backend. Developers are going to love this new high level integration that spans portal to transactions in one stateful context. There will be more product announcements as well, we got a few surprises up our sleeves. So again, this event will be newsworthy from a product and JBoss strategy standpoint. Get in the loop to cover these news even from the US.


Entertainment – As I mentioned, JBossWorld is first and foremost a SOCIAL EVENT FOR OUR COMMUNITY. Our community of partners, our community of volunteer developers and our community of users will be present. To promote additional networking opportunities, JBoss World Barcelona will be the location of one of the greatest entertainment events in the industry. JBoss also wants to show its gratitude to all the contributors and adopters of our technology. We have found a place only fit to handle the cutting-edge tradition of open source – The Elephant club. A mansion split into three different areas, plus a lush outdoors garden. you are sure to find a place to relax and enjoy your time with the European open source community. This is going to be good clean fun as close to the Ibiza experience of yesteryears open air clubs as it gets, I personally guarantee and those of you who were in ATL can attest. BTW if you scroll down the blog you will see an entry by Nathalie on the events. The pictures shown are both ATL and Barcelona. And the guy with a smile is a customer of JBoss surrounded by all the JBoss ladies :)




When: October 10-12, 2005


Where: Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona, a brand new 5 star hotel in Barcelona, Spain.


Register before Friday to save! Click here to register on the JBoss Store. Remember, a conference pass entitles you to all general and breakout sessions, access to the sponsor exhibit area, all conference meals, a very nice backpack that I am already wearing (black and red), and access to the cocktail receptions and a JBoss World party to remember. All-in-all, JBoss World Barcelona is one of the best values for any conference you will ever attend. That and I may do the Napoleon Dynamite dance, you don’t want to miss that!


Acordaros que os queremos! (spanish for remember we love you)



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