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If you didn't already know, JBoss World 2009 is almost upon us. Whether you're new to JBoss, one of our existing customers, or just interested in knowing more about open source middleware, this is definitely the event for you. As usual we've got a great line up of presentations from our core developers such as Bill Burke (speaking on REST), Tim Fox (giving us an overview of Java Messaging) and Bob McWhirter (Mr TorqueBox), through to external presentations from the likes of RedPill, Layer 7 and Adobe. I'm giving a session myself around SOA Governance. We've also got some important announcements and keynotes, such as from Geico.


This is the first time that JBoss World has been co-located with Red Hat Summit. That's going to offer some interesting dynamics as you'll get to see the whole picture from a company perspective. You'll hear about things such as Cloud, virtualization, management etc. not just as they impact JBoss, but as they apply throughout everything we do. So if you've never attended JBoss World in the past this is a unique starting point. If you've come before then I believe you'll enjoy the changes this brings.


Finally, as ever JBoss World isn't just about the presentations: it's about the chance to meet the developers, the users and the entire community. This is a great opportunity for our vibrant community to come together and pat one another on the back for doing such a great job over the years. What began in the early 2000's as an effort to redefine middleware and open source has grown into the unstoppable engine of change it is today precisely because of everyone who will be at JBoss World. Congratulations!

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