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It's been a frustrating couple of days. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that between a certain travel bureau and a certain airline, I've been unable to get to Boston for JUDCon as planned until 24 hours later! But I'm on my way now, with my transactions presentation done, an almost final draft of my session on JBoss PaaS completed, some hopes for the expert panel, and lots of meetings planned. But it's my keynote on Tuesday that has my immediate attention as it promises to be different to the usual format: I'll be outlining our vision for the next few years, which goes way beyond (but also includes) the traditional Java EE landscape that JBoss has been associated with successfully for many years, and at the same time illustrating some of these ideas through a highly interactive and visual demonstration that the teams have been working on for several weeks. This demo will be very intense and implicitly as well as explicitly shows the advancements we and our communities have made in a number of areas, not just Cloud. In fact there's so much going on within the demo that I doubt I'll be able to call out all of the projects within the scope of the keynote without overrunning, so what I think I'll do is get the team to write up an article on it specifically after JBossWorld closes. It's very cool and I'm really looking forward to presenting it to the audience on the day!

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