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Java EE as a PaaS

Posted by marklittle Sep 29, 2011

Sometimes if you don't have anything useful/constructive to say it's better to say nothing. Case in point: I came across this posting today. It's the usual kind of statements from the vendors who don't really have an enterprise solution to offer their users so they try to deflect the argument to something else. In this case it's the typical "lightweight = agile" statement, carefully ignoring the realities that sometimes "lightweight = adhoc = maintenance nightmare = more expensive to maintain = not suffient for enterprise deployments". Look, I could rant about this until the proverbial cows come home but I've said so much about this before and at some point I need to stop banging my head against a brick wall! So rather than repeat, I'll just point at some relevant postings:



So take a look at these. I've tried to be very objective in many of them, because I really do believe that there's far too much smoke-and-mirrors and outright deception being pushed by some vendors.

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