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A great illustration of the degree of customization one can achieve with the latest release of the JBossAS7 cartridge in OpenShift Express is seen in Ben's post on getting TorqueBox running:

The upcoming refresh of the OpenShift Express release, due out Tuesday September 6,  includes an updated JBoss AS 7 cartridge that features the following changes:


  • You can now extend the jbossas7 server modules used by your application by adding the modules to the .openshift/config/modules directory in your application git repository. When you push these modules, they are incorporated into the server MODULEPATH on restart.
  • Actually, any content you add to the .openshift/config/ directory of the application repository is linked into the jbossas7/standalone/configuration directory of your application server in the express environment. This allows you to add configuration files that may be referenced by the server standalone.xml file. One example would be security property files referenced by the security subsystem configuration.
  • The jbossas7 server version has been updated to be based on the release

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